Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

My mom made the girls their three peas in a pod outfits! They were so cute! We made it half way around the block trick or treating, but it was raining and Anna was not in a good mood. These were the only pictures she was not crying in.




The week of the Toe

As many of you heard, we had the craziest thing happen this week when a piece of my hair wound its way around Anna's toes. It really worked itself in good on the middle toe, cutting into her toe, and cutting off her circulation. On Tuesday I spent a few hours working on it and got most of the hair out, and then my neighbor worked on it for a while, and then her daughter, and then Chris. On Wednesday my mom soaked it and worked on it but it still looked bad (swollen and purple) so we went to the pediatrician. He thought he cut the hair, but it was so hard to see and know for sure. On Thursday morning it still looked bad so the pediatrician referred us to a surgeon who would have the tools for the job. We went Thursday afternoon and they verified the hair was finally gone, and just needed to heal. What a crazy thing!!! Fortunately Anna will get to keep her toe. I know she will appreciate that later in life :)


Mike and Susanne said...

Love the costumes! Alex is such a cool batman!! Glad that Anna's toe is going to be okay...I've been warning all my friends about those dangerous hairs!

JoJo said...

Priceless! Batman and the little pea pods :0D

Love you guys and miss you LOTS!