Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sorry it has been too busy to blog lately!! The summer flew by so fast and we stayed very busy. We also were all pretty sick for a few weeks- a bout of fevers, pink eye (yuck!) and sore throats hit everyone except for Alex with the super-immune-system.

Overall we had a great summer. Alex got involved in karate and loved it, we went swimming several times a week at our neighbor's pool, and I just enjoyed having time with all my kids home! One of my close friends is an occupational therapist and volunteered to meet with Alex every week to help him some more with his motor skills and struggles with inattention, etc.. It was very helpful, but since my only time to work with Alex was when the girls went down for naps, I didn't have much time to myself this summer! But like all things it is just for a season, so Alex is back at school- and I have time to blog again :)

The girls are at such a fun age where they are just continuing to learn and say new things every day! They are learning their colors (Natalie knows them all, Elisabeth knows a few, Anna says everything is green). They are talking in 4-5 word sentences, which is just so amazing to me! You can actually just have conversations with them about things and they understand and respond. It is so fun! I am planning on trying the potty training again. Anna and Elisabeth have just been going off to the potty themselves lately. The other night Chris and I were cleaning up in the kitchen and they both went into the bathroom and went in their potties. So I know they are ready- it has just been a matter of me being ready! Wish me luck!

Here are a few clips of our summer:

Atlanta Zoo

The girls had such a great time seeing animals on their first trip to a real zoo (the Chattanooga Zoo just has things like birds and monkeys...)

Alex showing off his karate moves

We also got a new deck, which provided days of enterainment
for the girls:

and for Alex and his friend James

Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Laura came for a visit and got to break in the new deck!

Poor E and her pink eye (and then poor mommy got it- in both eyes!)

For Alex's birthday he wanted to go bowling with his neighborhood friends James and Zach

A Nintendo DS was the big gift this year!

Alex's friend James lives across the street and has been such a blessing for us! He has a lot of patience for Alex- and has a major influence on Alex has learning to ride his bike, ride his scooter, etc...

We had visits from our California cousins Sophia and Jimmy

This picture is so funny because Anna is a super slow eater and often left at the table to finish- we ask her if she wants to get down but she just keeps saying she's still eating!

Checking out Rock City with Grammy and Pop

Don't ask me what Alex is doing in this picture!

Well, here we go- off for another school year, and Alex is almost home on the bus.