Friday, October 23, 2009

Our new ride!

We finally decided to go ahead and get a triple stroller. I decided I have to be able to get out and walk, etc... It is such an awesome stroller! It is so easy to push. I took it to the mall the other day and we have gone on many walks with it. The only problem with it is it tends to draw a lot of attention to us- the trip to the mall was pretty crazy! Most popular sayings: "Bless your heart" (thank you, I am blessed!), "You really have your hands full", and "I hope you have a lot of help". Have you ever noticed, also, that even when your babies are in full pink people think they are boys?! My sister has the same problem even when her baby has a pink ribbon in her hair. I think we decided that people may forget that girls are not born with long hair! I think it must be the short hair that throws them off :)

Alex and Mommy time!

During Alex's fall break my mom watched the girls and we spent the day together. We had a fun ride on the train!

Our first sitter!

Elisabeth is determined to be the first to do everything. She was the first to roll over, she also is the best at standing while supported, and she is starting to sit up as well.

My sweet kids

I think someone is distracting her daddy from the Georgia game!

Our first family outing to walk around Chattanooga and ride the carousel. We had a lot of fun!

My rock star son serenading Chris for his birthday

Happy Birthday, Chris! You are such a wonderful husband and father!


Craig and Laura said...

We should also thank the JCPenney associates for seeing us coming from a distance and moving the clothing tables out of the aisle so you could fit. That was funny, but also very nice.


Anonymous said...

Kim Chris and beautiful family

I have so enjoyed watching your family grow. Alex is so cute and the girls are adorable. I know you all are so blessed.We think of you ofter. Thanks for sharing
cse/Rock Spring

JoJo said...

Seeing you guys at the bridge made me miss you so much! The girls are so beautiful and Alex is getting so very big! Glad you had a day with him. And I love pics of Chris with the girls and Alex on his birthday. Change your blog to the busysnowsblog!

Love you guys!