Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer is here!

Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to lately:

On Memorial Day we decided to take the family up for a train ride! The girls are always so interested in the train by our house, and Alex always loves it. This is one of several things we want to do before the girls turn 3 and are no longer free :)
We had a great time!

We even got to see Thomas being worked on

Because we hold hands before dinner to pray and then say amen, the girls have started a new song where they all hold hands and sing "amen, amen" over and over. They have been doing this in the car... super cute!

We tried the girls around the table in booster seats for the first time. It went well, but was a little scary realizing our family fills up the whole 6 person table! We were trying them out for our beach trip... we leave for St George Island with Chris' parents in two weeks. Can't wait!

Went to Alex's awards at school. He had a great year! He has excelled at reading, and has caught up on everything else. We are so proud of him.

We tried the girls out in pig tails now that their hair is longer... so cute! They don't keep them in for long, though.

Walking the bridge in Chattanooga with Aubrey

Out for our favorite treat- Sweet Cece's frozen yogurt!

Staying cool in the backyard

Next time we post will probably be beach pictures! Hope you have a great summer and stay cool!