Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We finally decided to take the girls on one of our family's favorite things to do... hike!
That is the great thing about the stroller- it is able to go off-road really well, too. It basically has bicycle tires.

It is not too easy to push up hills, though! I definitely get a work out pushing it around the block.

Anna is now able sit up fairly well for a little while at a time.

Anna has also discovered her feet and finds them pretty tasty.

Natalie sitting pretty

We are feeding them daily rice cereal and then also have tried bananas and sweet potatoes so far. So far they all enjoy eating. Anna gets really messy because she always wants to hold the spoon, too and that doesn't work too well. Elisabeth is by far the cleanest and does the best at eating. Natalie after every bite needs to suck her fingers or bib, so that ends up being a huge mess as well.
As excited as I was to introduce the girls to solids- I'm realizing this is also a lot more work- feeding them the food, cleaning everyone and everything, plus still having to do their bottles!




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