Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We had a great time as my brother and his family came to visit from Oklahoma. We haven't seen them since last Christmas so we were badly in need of a visit. The kids had so much fun together!

Sophie is 5 now and she and Alex had fun together! I think Alex enjoyed having someone a little older around to play with.

Alex was posing Sophie in different places to take her picture

Gage is 1 now and starting to walk!

.. and Elsie is 3 and fits right in playing with all the other girls!

Elsie and Elisabeth

Here are all the cousins together:

Elsie, Natalie
Sophie, Elisabeth, Anna, Aubrey and Alex
Madison and Gage

Elisabeth and her Aunt Susie

Uncle Mike and Gage

Grammy and some of her girls

Just a cute picture of Natalie

...okay, another one too!

We ate at a pizza place Mom was excited to take us to as it has enormous pizzas- perfect for our size crowd!

Pop built a dollhouse for the girls to play with at their house- he made it especially for multiple little girls to play with- it's open on both sides!

Chris and Gage

Attacking Uncle Mike

Anna and Baby Madison- Anna loves babies and can spend long periods of time just being with them. She has such a mothering nature.

Aubrey and Elisabeth dressing up

Black Friday shopping!

I also had an interesting Black Friday shopping experience at 10pm the night before when I tried to get a wii game for Alex at Walmart and had a near death experience- and didn't end up with a single game. I will never do that again! We had a lot of fun shopping us women the next morning, though! We enjoyed our little time without kids :)
Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!
Thanks Mike and Susie for braving the trip out! We love you!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Finally getting those Halloween pics up!

We had a great time trick or treating in the neighborhood. The girls loved it and couldn't wait to go again!

My little Dora the Explorer characters:
Natalie is Boots the Monkey, Anna is Dora, Elisabeth is Isa the iguana, and Alex is Diego
Alex was so sweet as when he found out who the girls were going to be he wanted to be Diego- even though Diego is kind of young for him. He knew the girls would love it- and they did!

Alex and his friends Zach and James

Alex had a Thanksgiving program at his school. He was so cute- he had so much fun with it. He loves music and loves his music class at school!

The girls had fun watching it, too!