Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter everyone! HE IS RISEN!!

Chris' parents came to visit the day before Easter and we did an egg hunt in the yard. The kids loved it!

Anna and Nat


We celebrated on Easter at my Mom's and had another egg hunt! Anna and Chris didn't make it for a funny reason. Anna is a chocoholic! She is constantly trying to sneak into our candy drawer at home. From the minute she wakes up she asks for "choca". So of course as we are getting ready to go to Mom's the girls were in the living room alone and we find out later Anna snuck into the kitchen and ate a bunch of Alex's malted milk eggs from his basket. So as we drove to my Mom's Anna threw up in the car. So we had to go home, drop her off in the tub and take out the car seat to clean and Chris stayed with her (and cleaned up the car seat- thanks so much!) Poor Anna! But of course the next morning she wakes up, asks for her milk and then asks for "choca"! I was hoping she wouldn't want it anymore.

Easter lunch at my Grammy and Pop's


Elisabeth doesn't collect as many eggs as she stops and opens each one as she finds it- and eats whatever is inside if she can. It really slows her down.

Also, my sweet niece Madison Christine was born on April 15. She and Laura (and Aubrey and Craig) are all doing great!

The kids are all fascinated by Baby Madison

I also wanted to share some funny pictures. Elisabeth has taken to gathering up her "stuff" and putting it in a pile so no one else can touch it. She usually sits on it and keeps everyone else away. She does it every day- whenever we put it all away she starts again.
This was when it started (about a month ago)

This is what it has progressed to (as of yesterday). She has started gathering it in her crib in the morning. Before I took this picture I also pulled out of the pile my cell phone and the tv remote. She also likes her pile to contain one wipe, one diaper, her sippy cup, her baby, her blanket, and then a lot of other things as well. The funniest thing about her being in her crib as she yells out to her sisters to bring her stuff- "book", "truck", etc.. and they do it!

This is also a funny picture of Elisabeth as she likes to get up really close to you and look and talk to you. It is so funny.

Anna sleeping on her daddy

and also a sweet picture of Natalie and Alex

Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday and Camping Fun!!

I can't believe the girls are 2! It is going so fast, but we are enjoying every minute of it all.
We had their second birthday with a small party with our family. The girls love Minnie mouse so we did a Minnie theme and they dressed up as Minnie (they weren't too excited about wearing the ears, though).

l-r Anna, Alex, Natalie, Elisabeth

We played pin the ears on Minnie




Even in the middle of the party they want to stop and read their books

The girls got a singing card and that was enough for Natalie. She wasn't interested in anything else!

They also got a sand and water table that was a hit (and a huge mess!)

Grandmama and Grandpapa came to visit

... and our big camping trip!

Yes, we took all the kids for the girls' first camping trip. It was a lot of work, and we didn't get much sleep (we are still recovering), but the kids had fun. Overall it was a good experience that we don't feel the need to repeat anytime soon!

We got a huge 10 person tent so there was plenty of room!

We decided to bring the pack and plays and it was a good decision. They had a two hour party in their beds at bedtime, though.

They got chairs for their birthday from Aunt Laura, Uncle Craig and Aubrey- perfect gift!