Friday, May 29, 2009

l- r Elisabeth, Natalie, and Anna

Sorry we haven't posted much lately. I was sick and then all the girls got stuffy noses and have been lot more fussy then they used to be. It has been a busy time. I used to enjoy getting on the computer, but now most days I never even turn it on. We are down to the essentials now- sleeping and eating- for the girls and for me!
The girls are doing great- other than their stuffy noses. Anna is up to 7 lbs! She is really getting big and seems more like a regular newborn now. She officially graduated out of preemie clothes and diapers last week when she hit 6 lbs. She is much more alert and active.
Natalie is a little over 6 lbs and also out of her preemie clothes. She is still the easy-going one and the sleepiest.
Elisabeth is almost 6 lbs now, too. She is still the fussiest one. The wonderful thing about all our girls is that they stop crying the minute you hold them (or feed them). They are easily comforted (at least for now). The only problem is it is not always easy to comfort them when there are three of them and one of you!
Alex is enjoying them a lot. He has been so sweet with them.
Here we are hanging out

My sister Laura and her baby Aubrey came over for a visit also. Aubrey was born three weeks after our girls. It was so fun to get to hang out together.
l-r Aubrey, Anna, Natalie, and Elisabeth

Laura holding Natalie

Me holding Aubrey

We also had a visit from Chris' grandfather Papaw and his wife Nancy. Papaw was pretty enamored with his great- grandaughters.

4 generations: Chris, his Papaw, his mom, and his four children

Chris' mom stayed with us for almost 3 weeks and helped us so much!
Thank you so much, Barbara!
Chris' parents- Grandmama and Grandpapa

Alex also just finished is T-ball season. Here are some pics:

He also just finished up his Kindergarten year. I can't believe it! He has made so much progress this year. He began the year barely being able to draw shapes and his letters, and now he can write sentences, read stories, and has began learning addition and subtraction. Kindergarten is not at all like it used to be! We are so proud of him.
Here he is with his class at field day.

Sorry it is such a long post. I think that about sums up what has been going on with us! Hope everyone is doing well and we continue to thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The pictures are all up!

If you go to that same site and click on portfolio you can look at all the pictures if you click on Snow triplets on the right.
They are such incredible pictures- Cynthia did an awesome job! I love the one of Alex with the girls- it makes my heart melt.
Go check them out:
Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Probably as a result of sleep deprivation, and a visit to Alex's school, I ended up pretty sick with flu-like symptoms (high fever, aches, chills) for a few days. It was really bad timing for us! Fortunately no one else has gotten sick and fortunately my mom and Chris' mom were here to help Chris cover the feedings so I could rest and recover. Unfortunately, though, the sickness seems to have diminished my milk production pretty significantly. This is disappointing because we just finally had all the babies nursing well and had a good system going! This has really shown me the importance of getting rest and I will definitely heed the call to do so between feedings more. Pray that everyone will stay healthy!

On another note, a great photographer that goes to our church offered to come out and take pictures of the girls. She did a fantastic job- I thought there was no way she was going to be able to get all three of my girls to sleep posed through all these pictures- but she did it!!! I can't wait to see all the pictures, but she she has posted a sneak preview of some on her website so you can all see them as well. I love the one of Anna with her head propped on her hands and I also love the one below it of the three of them. They are all great, though. Here is the website:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Who would have thought that this Mother's Day I would be a mother of 4 children! Chris and I always wanted a big family, but had really thought that was going to be impossible for us. Of course, with God all things are possible!!
The girls are doing really well. They are still sleeping the majority of the time, although they are becoming increasingly more alert. They have started to cry a little more- especially when they are hungry. It will be fun to see how their personalities develop. Natalie is the most laid back one- she is always sleeping and doesn't seem to mind when her sisters next to her have their hands in her mouth. She is usually the last one we feed because she just lays there and doesn't ever complain! Anna is the most alert- she will open her eyes when she hears us coming and looks around a lot more. She makes the funniest faces of the three, and makes the most noises. Elisabeth complains the most. She lets you know if she is not happy- but she is always happy when she is held!




Natalie and Elisabeth- we think they are the identical ones

and my other big baby

Daddy and Anna

Friday, May 8, 2009

Elisabeth coming home

I know my baby girl is wearing blue. There is a story behind it :)

Together at last!

An armful of blessings!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All home at last!!

We are so happy to report that Elisabeth was released from the hospital Sunday afternoon! We are so glad to have all the girls home with us. Things are going really well. I will update with pictures soon, but just wanted to make sure everyone knew our great news!