Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Chattanooga opened a new splash and play water area by their pool. I've been wanting to go all summer but waited until the girls were walking pretty well to do it. We had a great time! The girls all love the water. After we took them into the 1 ft baby pool and they loved it- although Chris and I had our hands full with all of them. They kept wanting to go off swimming by themselves!

We also celebrated Alex's birthday with my family. It took us a little while because of the stomach flu we all got right after our trip to Lake Winnie. Alex didn't mind celebrating his birthday so many times, though!

Pictures of the girls with their cousin Aubrey. They are all so big!

One of Elisabeth's favorite things to do- sit in the toy box (or the laundry basket) and pull out all the toys.

This is a cute picture of Anna checking out her great-grandfather Papaw!

The girls really don't watch any tv and have never shown any interest in it. On our Jekyll Island trip the house had an old 1972 Sesame Street Sing a Long tape we played a few times and the girls loved it! I got a copy for our house and they will watch it while I make dinner, etc.. The songs are really getting stuck in our head, though.

So the girls are loving to climb right now.. climb onto the couch, climb onto anything really... It is hard to keep up! Here is Natalie climbing

Friday, August 13, 2010

Alex is back in school today so guess what I have time to do... update the blog!! Alex was very excited to be back in school- he will have the same teacher this year and she is wonderful.

Alex turns 8!

Happy Birthday, Alex. We can't believe our little boy is now 8 years old. For his birthday we took him and his friend, Anthony, to Lake Winnie for the day. They had a wonderful time, even though it was HOT!

I have been praying all summer that Alex would have a friend that would just enjoy him for the way he is- and Anthony is an answer to that prayer! They are in boy scouts together and we have had him over for playdates this summer. The two of them are just alike and have a great time together!

Alex continues to have no fear of rides, or seem to get sick from them. Not like his Mom...

Pooped out from the day.. or pretending to be, anyways

We love you Alex- you have brought so much joy into our lives!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just wanted to share that all three girls are now walking all the time! Yeah! Elisabeth did so about a month before the other two, as usual. Of course they are also climbing on top of everything, opening everything, and generally getting into even more mischief! They keep us on our toes!