Friday, February 20, 2009

We had another good report from the high risk doctor this week! The girls are looking healthy and are growing well. The bottom baby "a" is 1 lb 11 oz, and the other two are both 1 lb 9 oz. Actually most singles this far along (25 weeks) weigh about 1 lb 6 oz so the girls are even on the bigger side and that is wonderful!
I had a difficult time with the contractions last week but they have been much better this week. The doctor was not too concerned about them, though, as they are pretty harmless as long as they don't turn into the real thing! He just advised I continue to try to stay off my feet, etc.. He said everything else looks good on my end. I also just had an appointment with my regular ob/gyn that will actually deliver the girls and she is very impressed that I am doing as well as I am at this point. Praise God for that, and prayerfully it will continue through the next month!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Here is my sister and I!
I am at 23 1/2 weeks, Laura is at 28 weeks....
Who's belly is bigger???

And here are the girls...

This is "baby a"

Here is "baby b"
It's hard to tell in the picture, but her hand was up to her mouth

and here is "baby c" and her sweet little hand

We have a hard time getting good shots of them since they are all so squished in there together.
Baby "a" is positioned across the bottom of my belly, and "b" and "c" are next to each other on top of her. According to the latest pictures they were head up with their heads so close it looked like they were touching!

I am feeling well still, but I seem to have turned a corner to where it is affecting me more. I have started having braxton-hicks contractions, which are not labor contractions, and are relatively harmless although uncomfortable. The doctor said it was normal since I am the size of a full term single now. I really can't be on my feet long now- the other day I tried to do some shopping at Walmart and near the end I was having constant b-h contractions, blurry vision, and my heart was pounding. So I am definitely at a point where I need to be off my feet as much as possible. Other than that, though, everything is going great and the babies are growing well!

Thank you for your prayers!