Saturday, October 3, 2009

Anna looking a little nervous at her first bit of rice cereal

We decided it was time for the girls to try a little rice cereal- they are 6 months old now (can you believe it!!) and are so big and the 32 oz a day of milk/formula just does not seem to be enough.
It was a lot of fun and they did really well.
Anna tried it first and she really did well- most of it she did swallow. Elisabeth also enjoyed it- she even smiled and then tried to eat the extra off her bib after she was done. Natalie on the other hand was not too into it. She cried the first time and the following time she just sat there with her mouth open and everything we put in just came back out. Of course she was the slowest to learn to bottle feed, too, but she'll catch up!


Enjoying her bib afterwards

Natalie- not too happy

Anna feeding

Here are some videos of the girls laughing
I am trying so hard to catch them talking to each other on video, but usually the second I bring out the camera they stop and just look at me and the camera. I'll keep trying!


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Craig and Laura said...

Such cute little laughs! I'm glad they are liking the rice cereal. I was just thinking...they will be eating pureed food soon. Time goes so fast!

Aunt Laura