Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here I am at 21 weeks...

.... pretty big! I'm sure everyone can't wait to see how enormous I end up :)

We had another good doctor's appointment yesterday- thank you Lord!
The girls are growing as they should and are even on the bigger side (I'm doing my best to keep up the eating!). I am feeling them move a lot now and that is so fun. Since they are all in different spots I can tell who is kicking me. I'm also going to remember which one was the pain in my side for so long - Chris and I joked that we should find out the Hebrew word for pain in the side and that should be her name :) We also reconfirmed they are all girls before I go all out and have their room painted pink.

Thanks for all your prayers- they are working! We also want to thank our friends and family who have so generously loaned us the use of cribs, changing tables, toys, baby clothes, and maternity clothes. It has been such a gift from God as we try to prepare for these three girls! Also I am so thankful to my mom and dad who have been coming over every week to help with housework that I can no longer do!

I will try to post scans of some of our ultrasound pics soon.
Happy Adoption Day Alex!!!

We celebrated Alex's second adoption day on Tuesday, January 20th. We did similar to what we did last year- Alex picked out what he wanted to have for dinner, we watched videos from his adoption and we prayed and talked with him about it. The video was so sweet of Alex- he was so little, and just jabbering away in Russian. He was amazed by it while watching it as he could not figure out what he was saying! It brought back so many memories and made us so thankful that God has blessed us with this wonderful boy. It also reminded us how far he has come! We are so proud of you and love you so much Alex!

Alex picked hot dogs, fries, fruit, and a birthday cake as his favorite foods to have

The one thing he has talked about really wanting before the babies come is a bunk bed. So we decided to go ahead and get one, and gave it to him on his adoption day. He was so excited! He helped Chris put it together.

He slept on top, but it took him forever to fall asleep as he was so excited about it!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

We had another good doctor's visit today. The girls are growing well (they are up to weighing a pound each), their heartbeats look good, and they were moving like crazy. I have had some pain in my right rib cage area for quite a while that makes it difficult for me to be on my feet. Today I discovered why- one of the babies is right up under those ribs, and she was kicking away. They said my ribcage will stretch, also, and may be stretching on that one side more to make room. Can't wait until they get bigger :)

I took Alex to a class at the hospital yesterday designed for siblings ages 3-9 to teach them about babies! It was a great class- they showed them how to hold a baby, diaper them, etc.. and took them on a tour of the hospital room. Alex was so funny! There were about 5 kids in the class but they all were mostly quiet... but not Alex, of course. He asked a million questions and made comments on everything- from the fact that the newborns "don't look too good" to when they mentioned giving the mom pain medicine he announced "my mama needs that!". He learned a lot, though, and had fun.

We had a nice Christmas with visits from Chris' parents, and then my brother and his wife drove out from Oklahoma. They have a 2 year old and a 4 month old girls. Chris and Alex got some practice with the baby- Chris fed a baby for the first time, although he maintains the first diaper he changes will be for his own... and Alex says he will help feed the babies but there is no way he is changing any diapers. Here are some pics:

Alex liked making baby Elsie laugh

Here is my sister and I! She is one month ahead of me (and also having a girl), but I will probably have mine before her!

Alex's favorite present was a microphone. He had wanted one very much and even wrote a letter to Santa for it!

Here he is trying his microphone and making music with his cousin Sophie.

I had a lot of help in the dressing room trying on maternity shirts!

4 generations of Snows