Friday, September 18, 2009

I am finally getting to post- sorry it has been a while. The girls have been battling their colds- ear infections and coughs for a few weeks and it has been tiring for all of us. I think they have turned the corner on their sickness, though- at least I hope so!

Here are some cute pics of the girls after their baths. ( I don't know why all that was underlined, but I couldn't fix it.



Our friends Missy and Mark came with their boys to see the girls for the first time. We had a great visit.

Aunt Laura and Uncle David also came from North Carolina to see the girls (and Alex!)

My dad and Elisabeth

Which reminded me of another picture I took of them only 3 months ago. You've come along way Elisabeth!

Elisabeth and Daddy cheering on Georgia! Go Dawgs!!

A funny picture of Anna. They don't actually hold their bottles yet of course, but she was at the time.

We borrowed some bumbos so the girls are having fun practicing sitting up them. When I took this picture Elisabeth and Natalie were talking away to eachother. It was soooo cute!

Here they are in their bumbos! -I know they aren't supposed to be on a raised surface in them- this was only for the picture :)

Elisabeth also enjoys the exersaucer. She is the only one that can enjoy it so far. They are just starting to have really good head control.

Here is Natalie and the "happy apple" that was mine when I was little. Did any of you have that, too?

We are having a lot of fun together. Elisabeth may have started behind but she is now the first to roll over and does better at sitting up, etc.. They are all so fun as they talk and laugh- my favorite is when they do it with each other.
The colds set us back a little on the sleeping in the night- for a week someone was waking up every hour! They all still only go 5-7 hrs at a time. Anna was my great sleeper- sleeping 8-10 hours but now she won't anymore either I can't figure out why! I've increased her food and even tried rice cereal when the pediatrician recommended it. I feel like my 15 lb girls should be going longer, but we'll see- maybe soon! I try very hard to keep a schedule with them during the day, but it is very difficult! I've also starting separating them for their naps as they wake each other up constantly. We'll just keep figuring stuff out!!


Lisa said...

Those 3 Bumbos in a row is about the cutest thing ever!!! The sleep thing just goes in phases, don't let anybody tell you otherwise. They'll get there, though I can't even imagine how exhausted you must be. You are the woman for this job for sure Kim!!!

Craig and Laura said...

Wow, I love that picture comparison of Elisabeth with dad. It is so hilarious when they talk to each other...I wish I knew what they were saying! Are you sure that apple wasn't mine...I didn't think mom kept any of your toys. haha

Aunt Laura

Mike and Susanne said...

The girls are getting so big!! I could hardly believe how big Elisabeth looks in the picture with your dad!! Adorable! And they look so cute in the bumbos! Wish we could hear them talk to each other! We miss you guys!!

Laura said...

I ditto Lisa - cannot even fathom how tired you must be. The girls look like they are doing wonderfully. I love the picture of the girls talking.

JoJo said...

Wow! I saw that pic of Elisabeth and thought, how big she is!!!! And then you put that pic of her just a few months ago and ... WOW! Thanks for allll those pics. It means a lot to see them, I knwo you must be REALLLLY tired. Hope to talk with you soon. We miss you guys! Alex is getting soooo big too! Hope everyone is feeling better this week. Give the girls and Alex a big hug for me!

Love you!