Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We had a great time as my brother and his family came to visit from Oklahoma. We haven't seen them since last Christmas so we were badly in need of a visit. The kids had so much fun together!

Sophie is 5 now and she and Alex had fun together! I think Alex enjoyed having someone a little older around to play with.

Alex was posing Sophie in different places to take her picture

Gage is 1 now and starting to walk!

.. and Elsie is 3 and fits right in playing with all the other girls!

Elsie and Elisabeth

Here are all the cousins together:

Elsie, Natalie
Sophie, Elisabeth, Anna, Aubrey and Alex
Madison and Gage

Elisabeth and her Aunt Susie

Uncle Mike and Gage

Grammy and some of her girls

Just a cute picture of Natalie

...okay, another one too!

We ate at a pizza place Mom was excited to take us to as it has enormous pizzas- perfect for our size crowd!

Pop built a dollhouse for the girls to play with at their house- he made it especially for multiple little girls to play with- it's open on both sides!

Chris and Gage

Attacking Uncle Mike

Anna and Baby Madison- Anna loves babies and can spend long periods of time just being with them. She has such a mothering nature.

Aubrey and Elisabeth dressing up

Black Friday shopping!

I also had an interesting Black Friday shopping experience at 10pm the night before when I tried to get a wii game for Alex at Walmart and had a near death experience- and didn't end up with a single game. I will never do that again! We had a lot of fun shopping us women the next morning, though! We enjoyed our little time without kids :)
Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!
Thanks Mike and Susie for braving the trip out! We love you!

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Mike and Susanne said...

We miss you all so much!!!!!! Give Alex and the girls a big hug and kiss from us!!!!