Friday, March 16, 2012

Disneworld and update!

Hello if there is anyone who still checks our blog! I have meant to post for so long, but I just can't seem to get the time to sit at the computer and do it. The girls have been keeping me busy- they haven't been quite as easy-going lately!
The girls are growing up so fast- I can't believe they will be 3 years old in a few weeks. Anna has always told me she wanted to be big like me and do what I am doing, and has always preferred hanging out with the grownups over playing. Now she truly thinks she is a grownup... she wakes up in the morning, dresses herself, goes to the kitchen to get her own breakfast, goes to put on a cd in the music player. She wants to do everything herself and watch out if you try to intervene! She has been a challenge lately! Natalie and Elisabeth play together well most of the time, but they have started to give up their naps and it is beginning to show. There is a lot more hitting and screaming. Overall they continue to be happy and fun girls, though! They have all moved successfully to big girl beds- there was never even a struggle to get them to stay in them (except at nap time). They have been very excited about their beds!
Alex is doing well- he started out the school year with some struggles and figuring everything out with his new teacher. He is doing really great now! He is still doing boy scouts with Chris and enjoys playing with his neighbor friends. We recently got him a trampoline and that has been a big hit with all the kids.
We took a trip last month to Disney world! We wanted to go before the girls turn 3 as they are still free, but I was a little nervous that they might be too young. It turned out great, though! We went with my parents and stayed at a wonderful place and hit the parks early so we could get on rides quickly. Everyone had a great time! Alex also went to Legoland with Chris and my dad and that was definitely a favorite.
Here are some pics from our trip:

Day 1: We are on our way to Disneyworld

They loved It's a Small World- Anna clapped the whole time!

This was Elisabeth's favorite ride- Aladdin's carpet ride

All the kids enjoyed dancing in Tomorrowland

Elisabeth spent some time dancing with Chip (or Dale) and seemed totally unfazed that he was a giant chipmunk

Day 2: Alex at Legoland, girls in the water!

This was Alex's favorite ride of the whole trip: he drove a Lego car by himself and was expected to obey all traffic lights/signs. I think he did pretty well.




Day 3: Animal Kingdom

Alex, Chris and Pop riding the rapids (on the left)

Day 4: Back to Disneyworld and lunch at Cinderella's castle with the princesses

Snow White was the friendliest! (with E)

She even talked Alex later into getting a picture with her

With Ariel

Sleeping Beauty (or Sleeping Booty as the girls call her)

We also met Cinderella and Belle!

In the morning we met Tinkerbell

The lunch was probably the girls' favorite part of the trip!

We rode the People Movers a lot- never a line and the kids enjoyed it!

We had a great time- thanks for going with us Grammy and Pop!


Heather951 said...

so special! Glad you decided to make that trip! Everyone looked like they had a super great time! Wish we lived closer...Alex is totally into everything Howie is...legos, Tony Hawk...and not really wanting to take a pic with a princess! Thanks for sharing! :)

Lori said...

Your pictures make me happy! So glad you guys had a great time at Disneyworld. And woohoo for the girls loving their beds!

Mike and Susanne said...

The kids looked like they had so much fun! Glad you survived (Disney world is a LOT of work!) So cute that the girls got to meet the princesses (and Alex too!) Love you guys! We'll have to take a trip there together sometime!