Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We can't believe our little blessings are turning one today!

Anna, you have really developed such a personality. You love to laugh- even when you are all by yourself- and your laugh is the best thing to my ears. You love to watch everything and have so much to say. We love you and have so much fun with you!
Natalie, you are still so sweet and easy to be with. You are quick to smile and laugh. You have developed a little bit of an attitude- I think you realized you had enough of being a pushover between your sisters! You love your big brother and he thinks the world of you. We love you so much!
Elisabeth, you have been the go-getter and our little fighter from the beginning. You were not going to let being the smallest slow you down any. You are always on the move and interested in the next thing. It is so fun to see what you will be up to next! We love you!

I'm still having problems with the blog and can't post any writing by the pictures. The first are all Anna; then Natalie; then Elisabeth!


Mike and Susanne said...

Happy birthday, girls!!! Your aunt, uncle and cousins love you very much!!!!!

Craig and Laura said...

We love you Anna, Natalie and Elisabeth! We can't believe how fast you've grown!

Aunt Laura