Friday, April 23, 2010

1 year check up

Took the girls for their one year check-up yesterday, and other than all the shots, it went quite well!

Anna: 23lbs, 4 oz, 30" tall 75-90%
Natalie: 21 lbs, 28 3/4" tall 50%
Elisabeth: 21 lbs, 29 1/2" tall 50%

As you can see they are continuing to be great eaters- still have found very little they don't like. They love, love, love finger foods and feeding themselves, although it means a BIG mess for Mommy after. They have transitioned well to whole milk which is great (less expensive!).

They are developmentally pretty on target. Only Elisabeth is cruising (walking while holding onto things) at this point so the other two are a little behind on that. They are waving bye-bye, rolling balls, picking up things with their finger and thumb (every little tiny thing they find), playing peek-a-boo, chewing well (they all have 4-6 teeth) and saying/repeating a few words. None are standing on their own yet, although Elisabeth is trying.

Most of all they laugh easily and are the happiest and funnest babies ever (I am a little biased)!

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