Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fun at the Snow home

Here's some shots from our lives lately

This picture still makes me laugh so hard. Anna is such a good sport.

Hi mom!

Wait- I'm missing something!

Here are the results of the girls trying to feed themselves with a spoon, and then just having fun with their food:



Anna using Maggie as a way to climb onto the couch

Elisabeth harassing her sleeping sister and thinking it is the greatest thing ever

Watching Daddy grill

These girls LOVE their daddy

I got to go on Alex' field trip to the farm so that was so much fun!

Alex's class

Please pray for Alex as his school has decided to have him repeat first grade. Although he has made amazing progress he is, understandably, still pretty behind his classmates. We support the decision as school moves so fast he really won't ever have a chance to catch up. We all really think this will give him the best chance at success in school. He is disappointed about it, though. Please pray for him that he won't be discouraged by it and that it truly will be the best thing for him. Thanks!

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Linda said...

What fun photos of fun times!
I bet Alex will shine and gain lots of confidence!
Lots of HUGS to all!