Friday, May 8, 2009

Elisabeth coming home

I know my baby girl is wearing blue. There is a story behind it :)

Together at last!

An armful of blessings!


mark and missy said...

It makes me smile so big to see all the girls home at last! What a blessing indeed! We are so happy for you guys! What's the story behind the blue?

Lisa said...

Okay most obvious comment is shocking how tiny they are!!! All of those working parts in such miniature versions. So cute Kim!!! So happy for you, now go take a nap, you are about to run out of adrenaline.

JoJo said...

Welcome home Elisabeth! What a wonderful Mommy's Day gift, to have all four of your children home with you! Soooo glad the girls stay at the NICU was brief and that they are home where they belong <3 GOD is truly amazing!

We love you guys!

~ The Williams

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Welcome home to everyone, and happy mother's day!


Ross & Beth

DoveFamily said...

Hope you had a wonderful mother's day!!