Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lots to update

We have had a lot of snow this year (as has most of the country). That has been a lot of fun for Alex to get out in, but I am so ready for spring.
Here are some pictures from one of the bigger snows this year. This one we decided to get the girls out in for a little bit.

Alex was off last week for winter break so we took a trip to the Chattanooga aquarium with my parents. The girls had a lot of fun. They just love being out so much! (I know they get tired of being stuck at home and so do I). They sat at the end of their stroller seats and were so happy the whole time.

How cute is this picture of Anna?!

I had a wonderful birthday as it was beautiful weather and we got out to Chattanooga to walk around and have dinner with my family.

Alex's boy scouts had a pinewood derby race. Alex won 3rd place in speed and 2nd place in show. Chris had someone at his work do all kind of tricks to make it faster, but Alex had chosen a limousine as the car he wanted so probably wasn't the fastest choice :) He had a red limousine- and on the side he had written Luv Kim Alex- isn't that cute!?!

Here is some video of our little crawler Elisabeth and Natalie trying to say "book" but it sounds like "duck" So cute!!

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