Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pics of the girls at 2 months old




Chris' grandmother, Mamaw, came by for a visit

Alex is doing so good with the girls. Now that he is off of school he is a lot more involved with them and it is so fun. They just look at him and listen to him


Craig and Laura said...

Wow! They are growing so much! Alex, you are the best big brother! I love the ones of you snuggling with your sisters.

Aunt Laura

Anonymous said...

Chris and Kim, What a beautiful family! I love seeing new pictures of the girls and of Alex. I think Phil told you that I had picked Natalie, she is the one who catches my eye but they are all beautiful. If you ever need a sitter!!!!!!!I'm sure grandparents have that covered.
Karen Capehart

Mike and Susanne said...

We have the cutest nephew and nieces ever!!!!!

Anonymous said...

chris & kim,the girls are beautiful & growing fast. i cant believe how alex is growing. keep the pics coming. chris & don

Just the Three of Us said...

I cannot believe they are 2 months already! We are so happy for your beautiful family.

Heather951 said...

Love all the Disney dresses! So cute!

Love, Heather

JoJo said...

How beautiful!!! The girls and Alex are growing up so fast! Thanks for keeping up the blog and posted so many wonderful pictures!

We love you guys!

The Williams