Wednesday, March 11, 2009

28 weeks and counting...

We are glad to have reached the first major milestone in a triplet pregnancy- 28 weeks! At this point the babies would have a 95% survival rate if born so that is pretty cool.... but I am doing so well still that I know we can make it a lot longer.
The next big milestone is 32 weeks, which is the average for a triplet pregnancy, and the survival rate is 99% then. I would really like to make it to 34 weeks. Just a little more time in my belly could mean weeks less for the girls in the NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit). My close friend had twins at 34 weeks and they didn't even spend a day in the NICU so that's really encouraging. Also, the last reflex to develop is the sucking reflex and it develops around 34 weeks so until then they wouldn't be able to breast or bottle feed.
I am not getting around much now and my 50lb belly feels enormous, but overall I still feel well and there are no problems or complications! This really is so unusual- I follow a lot triplet pregnancy blogs and many were hospitalized from 4-7 weeks before delivering their babies at around 30 weeks. My doctors are impressed and we are just so thankful to God every minute.
Here is a picture of me and my belly at 28 weeks:
Alex took the picture so it is a little lopsided, but you get the general idea (that I have a huge belly!)

Here is the babies' room that my parents painted for me- Thank you Mom and Dad!
My mom is also sewing curtains, and we plan to put the babies' names over their cribs (if we ever decide what they will be) :)

And here are some pictures of Alex as I can't leave him out!
Here he is painting some letters for the girls' room- I was trying to see how they would turn out, even though we don't have the names down for sure yet.

He went on a camping trip with Chris and Erik and made himself his own little fire next to the bigger one.

Thanks for your prayers! Keep them coming!


Mike and Susanne said...

You look great, Kim!! We're so glad that everything is going so well for you and the little ones! It is going to be so much fun to have 3 little baby girls around...can't wait to meet them!

Heather951 said...

Every time I see a new prego picture of you I am filled with so much joy! You look amazing! I love the girl's is huge! I also love how the cribs are set up! Always in my prayers, Heather

mark and missy said...

Yeah - an update! It made my day to see how awesome you are doing! We're praying for you everyday - even Harrison during his nightly bed time prayers :-)! You continue to look so awesome and I'm so proud of you! We're getting excited as the impending arrival draws closer, but we're continuing to pray that the girls stay in until 34 weeks. By the way - I love that sweater ;-)! Much love,