Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Adoption Day Alex!!!

We celebrated Alex's second adoption day on Tuesday, January 20th. We did similar to what we did last year- Alex picked out what he wanted to have for dinner, we watched videos from his adoption and we prayed and talked with him about it. The video was so sweet of Alex- he was so little, and just jabbering away in Russian. He was amazed by it while watching it as he could not figure out what he was saying! It brought back so many memories and made us so thankful that God has blessed us with this wonderful boy. It also reminded us how far he has come! We are so proud of you and love you so much Alex!

Alex picked hot dogs, fries, fruit, and a birthday cake as his favorite foods to have

The one thing he has talked about really wanting before the babies come is a bunk bed. So we decided to go ahead and get one, and gave it to him on his adoption day. He was so excited! He helped Chris put it together.

He slept on top, but it took him forever to fall asleep as he was so excited about it!


Anonymous said...

Dear Alex, What a cool bunk bed you have! I'll bet it's fun sleeping way up high. Gramka and I are so thankful and happy that God chose you for Mama and Papa. Love you, D'YEH-doosh-ka and
BA-boosh-ka Rabus

Craig and Laura said...

Alex, What a cool bed! Your mama and I used to have bunk beds too. We love you! I bet it was fun to watch those videos of yourself!

Love, Totya Laura

JoJo said...


What a bright, big, and healthy boy you are growing up to be! We miss you! Happy Adoption Day! I'm so glad God put it on your Momma and Papa's heart to choose you!

We love you!
Shane, Jody, Merek and Cade