Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Potty training adventures

I have to admit I was terrified of potty training. I didn't know how I was going to do triplets. Poor Anna has been wanting to be potty trained for months, but I was too nervous about it! All the other triplet moms I talked to did it differently- one said she just waited until they were old enough and they did themselves (how that happens I don't know). Another said she just did each one at a time as they seemed to be ready. Another one tried to knock it out all at the same time.

I opted for getting it done all at once- who wants to go through all that trouble over and over! And I hoped that one doing it would motivate the others! I had three little potty chairs and I stuck them all in the kitchen/dining room and decided we would take the bare- bottomed approach and hang out in there all morning! We found all kinds of stuff to do- glueing, coloring, chalk, etc.. I set a timer and had them sit and try every 20 minutes or so and gave them tons of juice!

Natalie started the morning telling me "I can't do it potty training" "I don't like it potty training", but the minute the others girls went in their potties she was all about it, too!
They did so awesome and by the end of the first day were doing it on their own initiative!

Anna has been waiting forever for the chance to do it and she has not had a single accident. She just keeps saying she is "just like you mommy". There are two things that will motivate Anna to do anything- asking her for her help (she follows me all day around asking "Anna help you?") and telling her if she does something she will be "just like mommy". It is the sweetest thing.

Anna does not want to wear diapers at all- even for bedtime. Last night I put on her diaper and she snuck away, took it off, put it in the diaper genie and turned it over. Then she pulled her pants back up and tried to pretend she still had it on. I was laughing so hard (on the inside)!

Natalie took to it, too and didn't have any accidents after the first few days. Elisabeth has a few in the late afternoon when she is cranky and tired (she doesn't nap much anymore). Overall they did awesome! We had our first major outings last Friday and didn't have any incidents. We went to Target and they all had to go when we got there, but everyone was afraid of the public restroom (and I am, too). So we all went back out to the car and went in the potty chair I keep in the back. That seems to be working for now!

I have some cute potty training pictures, but I probably shouldn't blog them- here are some cute ones of the girls dressing up and playing instead :) What's a blog post without pictures?!?

E & Anna

Nat and Anna



We have a lot of fun! Come play with us anytime!

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