Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sorry for the delays in posting- I had some issues with getting the pictures onto the computer- but all is well now!

We had a wild day yesterday!
First, I have been THINKING about beginning potty training. Anna has shown a lot of interest, is constantly taking off her diaper and pants, and we would save so much money being done with diapers!! So I have started reading some on it, etc... and yesterday I just brought up a potty to show it to the girls... no big deal. While I was making dinner I peek out and this is what I see:

Anna had taken it upon herself to take the potty out into the living room, took off her diaper and and pants and sat down. She was SO proud of herself. After I snapped the picture she stood up, pointed down and said "peepee" and sure enough she had gone peepee in the potty! This morning she went again 3 times in the potty. I don't know if mommy is ready for this. The other girls don't seem ready so I might just give it a run with Anna and see how it goes. They are still young so I'm not going to push it.

Yesterday, also, Natalie figured out how to climb out of her pack and play and when I moved her back into her crib she promptly climbed right out of it, too. I had just told Chris it was so easy with them in cribs I'd be happy to keep them there until they are 3! Oh well...
I ended up moving her mattress down to the floor inside the crib and it seemed to work last night and so far today. We'll see how long that lasts- and I'm sure Elisabeth isn't far behind on climbing out.

Speaking of climbing- here is what I found after I went to the bathroom a few weeks ago.

They broke down the gate into the kitchen and up they all went. Fortunately they only found Alex's chocolate wafers and not all the other things on the table they shouldn't have (salt, pepper, scissors, antibacterial wipes, wii remote...). And yes, I did leave them there for a moment while I got the camera :)

Other things we've been up to the last month or so:
Alex had a Valentines Day performance at school one night and so we took the girls with us for the first time. It went well- they love singing, etc.. so they were entertained.

Alex also had his pinewood derby car race for cub scouts. He came in second out of 6! He had a great time.

Hiking with the kids

Chris enjoys showing everyone stuff along the trail. I'm glad we have kids that all love to be outside and hiking as much as their mom and dad! When the weather is nice we go every weekend.

Elisabeth and Natalie are really into puzzles right now. From the moment they wake up that is almost all they want to do.


Cute Natalie

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Mike and Susanne said...

Love the pictures!!!! Way to go, Alex!! We miss you guys!