Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
We had a great few weeks. The week of Christmas my brother and his family came in from Oklahoma so we had a great time visiting with them. They have two girls (4 and 2) and a new baby boy! Christmas was so much fun with all the kids and we enjoyed getting the 4 inches of snow on Christmas day!
We have a lot of pictures- I had a hard time narrowing down what to blog!
We went to Rock City's Enchanted Lights one night (a Rabus tradition). The kids all enjoyed it, but we did forget how many stairs there are to climb!
The whole Rabus clan

The kids at the dinner table- Alex and all the girls!

Thanks goodness there is another boy in the family-
Alex and baby Gage

One baby to feed- a piece of cake!!

We had Mike's family over for dinner one night- and put the kids to bed so us grownups could hang out.
Cute girls

Anna was very interested in the baby! She was giving him a hug in this picture.

Sophie and Alex were so excited to sleep in the bunk bed together. Alex read to Sophie before bed. They didn't last too long in the room together, though, as they wouldn't go to sleep!

Christmas Eve

Grammy and Pop and their 8 grand kids. 8 grand kids within 4 years- pretty amazing. And there is soon to be 9 as my sister is expecting her second girl in April.

Aunt Susie, Alex, and little elf Gage

Christmas Morning

Look how deep the snow is!

Chris and Alex's giant snowman. They were hoping he would last for a long time since he was so big!

Some cute pics of the kids and their new toys

The girls love their new jewelry (Natalie puts on the necklaces when she wakes up and doesn't take them off all day).


Their favorite gifts have been their dolls, though. They never seemed to care much about dolls before, but they are crazy about them now!
Natalie and her new dolly

Anna and her doll

Elisabeth and her doll

Alex's favorite gift was a magic trick set. He is trying out the head turner trick on his friend Hannah.

Happy 2011!

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