Friday, September 24, 2010

Everything is going so well right now for us- the girls have settled in to a new schedule and Alex is doing great in school!
Switching from two naps to one may not be that difficult with one baby- but it was a huge challenge with multiples! Elisabeth dropped her morning nap months before the others were ready so we had a few months where everyone was sleeping at different times. Thankfully they are all down to one good afternoon nap. It is so wonderful as it gives us a good chance to get out in the morning, and also gives mommy 2 hours to herself in the afternoon. For the first time since they have been born I have time to actually clean my house regularly and start some other long overdue projects. I've even started scrap-booking again!
The girls continue to be their happy, good- natured selves. We have been so blessed by them! They are still so quick to smile and laugh. They are all saying some words besides Mama, Dada and Alex- up, down, juice, ball, shoe, more, dog, hi... It is so fun!
Anna loves to copy everything we do- she can sweep and wipe up the floor better than her brother can! She understands EVERYTHING we say to her- it is amazing! And she loves to deliver the diapers to the diaper genie for us- it is a funny sight!
Natalie now has the biggest attitude- she wants to do things by herself without help! She also will just go off on her own without looking back or stopping when we ask- which is difficult when we are in public or outside. She is so funny, though, because she is always getting stuck in the weirdest places- between or under chairs, on top of something, just everywhere...
Elisabeth loves climbing on everything and before I know it she is up on top of something. She loves to laugh - and to her the funniest thing to do is grab something from her sisters and take off running. She was the first to walk and so is the quickest on her feet- no one can catch her!
Alex is having a GREAT school year so far! We are so glad he is repeating first grade- it has brought him so much confidence. He also seems to fit in better with the kids that age. Last year he started 1st grade reading 4 words/ minute- this year he is reading 70! And his handwriting is SO much better. Math is more of a challenge for him, but we have a new math program that we hope will help him succeed.
We are excited to enter the fall season (cooler weather, please!)

Here are some pics from the last few months- a visit to Chris' grandmother Mamaw, Chris' parents visit, Alex learning to ride a bike without training wheels, and some from around our crazy house!
Elisabeth and Mamaw had so much fun together

Mamaw and her great grandchildren

The kids with Chris' parents

Alex riding his new bike!

Chris trying to watch college football- but the girls were all over him!

Natalie wearing Daddy's shoes

One of my projects- redoing the basement to make a larger play space!




Anna discovered a blue marker

This is a video for those of you who love Mamaw like we do-
She is 88 and not in great health, but gets down on the floor with the kids and just plays and loves on them like crazy. She is so wonderful!

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