Friday, August 13, 2010

Alex is back in school today so guess what I have time to do... update the blog!! Alex was very excited to be back in school- he will have the same teacher this year and she is wonderful.

Alex turns 8!

Happy Birthday, Alex. We can't believe our little boy is now 8 years old. For his birthday we took him and his friend, Anthony, to Lake Winnie for the day. They had a wonderful time, even though it was HOT!

I have been praying all summer that Alex would have a friend that would just enjoy him for the way he is- and Anthony is an answer to that prayer! They are in boy scouts together and we have had him over for playdates this summer. The two of them are just alike and have a great time together!

Alex continues to have no fear of rides, or seem to get sick from them. Not like his Mom...

Pooped out from the day.. or pretending to be, anyways

We love you Alex- you have brought so much joy into our lives!

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Craig and Laura said...

How cute are Alex and Anthony! I love the picture of them in front of the Lake Winnie sign...yep, they are just alike.

Aunt Laura