Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trip to Jekyll Island

We decided to return to Jekyll Island again- this time as a family of 6! We (mostly me) was a little nervous about packing everything we would need for a whole week away from home, but it turned out great! The 7- turned out to be 9- hour drive down was not pleasant as the girls are not too big on sleeping in the car- but we all survived and the trip was well worth it. We went with my parents- we couldn't have done it without them- and rented a house with an indoor pool. We had a wonderful time!

Ready to hit the beach!

The first few days on the beach the girls were not too sure about it. They mostly wanted to eat the sand- yuck- and were nervous of the waves.

Only Anna got into the sand the first day

Soon, though, they started taking off crawling all around the beach- and straight into the ocean! It was so funny, but once one started doing it they all did! And they had no more fear of the ocean.

Alex enjoyed the beach, but he still thinks the ocean is too salty! I think he wiped out a few times on the boogie board so he preferred the pool.

The indoor pool was awesome. All my kids LOVE the pool! We have floats for the girls, but of course now they don't want to be in them anymore- they just want to swim!

Alex went miniature golfing with Grammy and Gramka. They also gave Chris and I a chance to go on a date.

We all went out to dinner one night.

It is not easy!

One day we rented a surrey and fit all 8 of us onto it! This is the only year we will be able to do that! That ride had a few mishaps (lost shoes, lost hat, Kim getting left behind) but it was fun!

We also rented bikes one day. It was during the girls naptime, though, so while it started well it ended with a lot of unhappy babies.

Strolling around

Some favorite places to play

Cutie pies

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We had such a great time! Thanks for coming with us Mom and Dad!

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