Thursday, April 30, 2009

Two home... one to go!

Just wanted to let you all know our exciting news that Anna and Natalie came home late yesterday! We are so happy to have them with us, and are eager to have Elisabeth join them. It all happened very quickly this week... the doctor was going to release all the girls since they were doing so well and all three took all their feedings for the day. They all passed their car seat tests and we did all their discharge training and papers, but the night before they were going to be released Elisabeth had a little spell. She hadn't had any in 10 days, but that night she had two while trying to feed. They said it was a normal thing that even full term babies do- they sometimes don't get enough oxygen when feeding, but because she is still so small (3 lbs, 12 oz) they couldn't release her. We know that is where she needs to be, but it broke our hearts to leave her behind. We'd hoped if she didn't have any more she would be released this weekend, but the doctor said this morning that she had another one last night, so we just need to pray that she does not have anymore, and continues to grow.
We made it through the first night- just Chris and I. It was actually pretty nice to just be us and the girls (and Alex) since we haven't had a chance to be alone with them yet! We are feeling very blessed... we just need Elisabeth home soon, too!

Our first family photo

Ready to go home!

Finally Grammy and Gramka get to hold them!

...and big brother


Anonymous said...

great shots as always. tell alex he looks like he's doing a great job as their big brother.


Mike and Susanne said...

I love the pictures of Alex holding his sisters! Can't wait to see pictures of Elisabeth with her sisters again!

JoJo said...

I'm so happy for you guys! Those are just so sweet pictures! Alex is a terrific big brother! I'll be praying for Elisabeth. Please keep us posted. Give all four of your children a BIG hug from us! We love you guys!

~ The Williams

Anonymous said...

Such great pictures, and such great news! I hope you guys are doing well with everyone home under the same roof. Sending lots of prayers your way!


P.S. Alex looks like he's doing great with the girls!